He Traveled The World To Find Hope

Hope is not easy to come by these days. Unless you know where to look. Ari Satok did – in the unlikeliest of places.

Three years ago, the 22-year-old Toronto native spent a year traveling the world, visiting United World College schools in British Columbia, Wales, Hong Kong, Germany, the Netherlands, New Mexico and Swaziland. Founded in 1962, United World College is a network of 17 schools located around the world aimed at creating an international community of high school students coming from more than 150 countries and from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

“There is a tremendous power to having young people live in a community with each other. We all have stereotypes that we hold onto; they are born out of the media, out of second-hand narratives,” Satok said. Working on his senior thesis in sociology for Princeton, he interviewed some 150 students and last year published a book of poetry based on 16 of those: The Architects of Hope: Sixteen Young People Dreaming of a Better Future.

Read the full story: https://forward.com/life/390514/he-traveled-the-world-to-find-hope/


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